Frequently Asked Questions

The Ealing Multiple Order Waveplates are used for rotating the plane of polarization in a laser, electro-optic modulation, and as a variable ratio beamsplitter when used with a polarizing cube.

A Quarter Waveplate is used to convert linearly polarized beams into circularly polarized beams, while a Half Waveplate rotates the plane of polarization by 90 degrees.

The thickness of a Half Waveplate is such that the phase difference is v (zero order) or 3 v, 5v, 7v, etc (multiple orders).

The Multiple Order Waveplates are sensitive to changes in temperature, angle of incidence, and degree of collimation. They are intended for use at the design wavelength only.

If used at a different wavelength, a retardation change of 10% occurs for every 0.2 nm deviation.

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