Frequently Asked Questions

A Multiple Order Half Waveplate is a waveplate that is sensitive to changes in temperature, angle of incidence, and degree of collimation, and is intended for use at the design wavelength only.

The features of the Multiple Order Half Waveplate include quarter and half waveplates, zero or multiple order available.

The applications of Half Waveplates include rotating the plane of polarization (e.g. in a laser), electro-optic modulation, and as a variable ratio beamsplitter (when used in conjunction with a polarizing cube).

A Quarter Waveplate is used to convert linearly polarized beams into circularly polarized beams (and vice versa), while a Half Waveplate introduces a 90° rotation of the plane of polarization.

The formula for calculating the phase difference of a waveplate is θ = ± 2vd (ne-no) λ where θ is the phase difference, d is the thickness of the waveplate in mm, ne and no are the refractive indices of the extraordinary and ordinary rays respectively, and λ is the wavelength in nm.

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