Frequently Asked Questions

C-lens is specially designed for fiber optics usage in collimator, isolator, switch, collimator array and laser Assembly.

C-lens has many advantages including low cost, low insertion loss in long working distance, wide working distance range.

The properties of C-lens include lens material (SF11 or N-SF11), transmission (>99% from 900-1700nm), polarization preservation (0.99), thermal expansion coefficient (<6×10-6/°c), max operating temp (400°c), hygroscopic susceptibility (No), acid and alkaline resistance (Excellent), and power handling (>1w).

The standard specifications for C-lens include diameter tolerance of +0.005mm,-0.01mm for f 1.8mm to f 4.0mm and +0.0mm,-0.01mm for f 1.0mm, diameter range of > f 1.0mm, length tolerance of ±0.03mm, wedge tolerance of ±0.3°, surface quality of 40-20 scratch & dig, and coating of R<0.25%@(Design Wavelength)±40nm.

Yes, with experienced optical design engineers, C-lens can be designed according to customer’s requirements.

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