Frequently Asked Questions

A motorized linear translation stage is a high precision positioning device used in scientific and industrial automation and control.

PA series products use precise-grade ball screws, linear-slider guides and high-performance shaft coupling units. This kind of design offers good adaptability to applications in accurate operation scenarios under harsh environments.

Depending on the model. PA Series product line uses one of the following type of motors: two-phase 57-step stepper motor, two-phase 42-step stepper motor, Panasonic 100W AC servo motor, Yaskawa 200W AC servo motor.

No, based upon the model, PA Series stages have a travel range from 50 mm to 500 mm.

They are made of an aluminum allot with black anodization. For higher-grade, even more precise motorized linear stages, consider our stainless steel products.

The main characteristics of the PA series precise motorized linear stages include fine machining for U-type aluminum alloy base plates, high rigidity and nice appearance, precise-grade linear-slider guides for high load capability and motion accuracy, and optional stainless-steel dustproof covers.

The PA series precise motorized linear stages are suitable for a broad range of precision motion control applications, such as optical alignment, laser optics, laser material processing, spectroscopy, time-resolved experiments in scientific research, biomedical applications, and mechatronics.

The naming rule for the PA series precise motorized linear stages includes a description of the product, the travel range, type of protection (optional), type of motor (optional), and position of sensors (optional).

The PA series precise motorized linear stages come standard with two-phase stepping motors, but servo motors are also available as an optional upgrade.

Yes, there is an optional stainless-steel dustproof cover available to protect the inner parts of the stages from particles and dust in real operation environments, ensuring better stability, durability, and long-term accuracy.

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