Frequently Asked Questions

The Mx series motorized multi-axis positioning system is a product designed and manufactured by Zolix. It offers flexible adjustments and positioning in limited space, with the ability to control more than 6 axes.

The multi-axis positioning system is designed to create a direct coupling between the carrying motors and the load. It minimizes backlash, enables rapid acceleration, and allows for high-speed operation.

The multi-axis motorized stage has a special compact construction that consolidates several degrees of freedom, including both linear and rotational motions. It is capable of high-speed accurate positioning along 6 or more axes and features high repeatability.

Zolix offers two distinct models of multi-axis positioning systems: the M8-400R and the M7-600R15. Both models have different travel ranges and axis configurations.

The multi-axis positioning systems are ideal for situations where a load needs to be moved in more than 3 directions, such as fine optical path alignment and simulation of person postures. They can also be used for precise alignment of optomechanics, photonics equipment, lasers, semiconductors, and precision mechanics.

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