Frequently Asked Questions

This motorized goniometer is made of black anodic-oxidized 2024 aluminum-alloy that offers excellent rigidity, thermal stability and protection against stray light for all light sensitive experiments.

Yes, we offer 4 different models that offer different heights and travel ranges. We currently offer TBG45-60, TBG80-60, TBG100-80 and TBG140-80 models. The specs described on this page are for TBG45-60. Please look at the specification data sheet for the entire table of specifications.

We use Arc V-shaped ball guides. The worm is made of high frequency quenched stainless steel and the gear is made of wear-resistant tin-bronze. This combination offers the ultimate durability for most demanding applications.

All 4 models of these goniometers use two-phase 42 stepping motor.

The main body materials used in the TBG series motorized goniometer are hard black anodic-oxidation aluminum-alloy.

Arc V-shaped ball guides provide higher strength, higher load capability, and longer-term durability.

The driving mechanism of the motorized goniometer uses standard two-phase stepping motors.

The TBG series motorized goniometers are suitable for integration into automation equipment and instruments with strict requirements of space, dimension, and weight. They are also suitable for industrial production lines with limited motion space and high repetition rates.

The worm gear/worm transmission ratio varies depending on the model. For example, the TBG45-60 has a ratio of 159:1, the TBG80-60 has a ratio of 247:1, the TBG100-80 has a ratio of 299:1, and the TBG140-80 has a ratio of 399:1.

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