Frequently Asked Questions

The main characteristics of the PSAG series motorized goniometers are higher positioning accuracy with fine grinding worm gear/worm, higher loading capability with arc V-shaped guide, and stable and reliable two-phase stepping motors with self-lock function.

The naming rules for the PSAG series motorized goniometers are based on the series code (PSAG), designed height at center (130, 195, 250, or 370), and swing angle range (+/-15°).

The mechanical specifications include table dimensions, swing angle range, overall height, worm gear/worm transmission ratio, guiding mechanism, worm gear materials, worm materials and treatment techniques, main body materials and surface treatments, weight, and shaft coupling dimensions.

The accuracy specifications include step resolution, fine-subdivision resolution, and highest speed.

The electrical specifications include motor and its stepping angle, working current, torque of the motor, brand and model number of the stepping driver, type of plugs for stages, position-limit sensors, origin-point sensors, voltage of power supply for sensors, consuming current, and output for control.

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