Frequently Asked Questions

The UP detectors are used for laser power measurements, laser optics, spectroscopy, and metrology.

The UP detectors are supplied with a flexible cable with output connection options, and may also be supplied with a stand. They also come with a "Personal wavelength correction TM Certificate" to adjust the power you read to a power corrected for a particular wavelength.

The key features of the UP19K-30H-H5-D0 detector include a modular concept with 5 different cooling modules, fast rise time, high damage threshold, compact design, energy mode, smart interface, and compatibility with various stands, displays, and PC interfaces.

The Gentec-EO UP series of laser power detectors include seven families of opto-thermal sensors with different cooling options, with or without amplification.

The UP19K-30H-H5-D0 detector is a thermal detector for laser power measurement up to 30 W.

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