Frequently Asked Questions

The Laser Beam Profiler allows you to see the exact shape and features of your laser beam at a microscopic scale.

The camera in the Laser Beam Profiler has a resolution of 1.3 MP (1280 x 1024 pixels) with a pixel size of 5.2µm x 5.2µm.

Some key features of the Laser Beam Profiler include high resolution imaging, compact design for easy placement, real-time ellipse calculations, and the ability to export results in various formats.

The Laser Beam Profiler is suitable for applications such as CW and Pulse Laser Beam Profiling, M2 Measurements, Precision Beam Pointing Stability Measurement, Additive Manufacturing, Semiconductor industry, Health and Life Sciences, and Defense Research.

The Laser Beam Profiler allows you to visualize the beam with real-time ellipse calculations, view cross sections with curve fitting, and track beam centroid stability over time with customizable test durations and sample rates.

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