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Frequently Asked Questions

The CCD Beam Profiler UV Monitor K2 is used for measuring beam diameters from 10um to 100mm in industrial applications, particularly for excimer lasers in the semiconductor and display industries, and for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th harmonics of Nd: YAG lasers.

The features of the CCD Beam Profiler UV Monitor K2 include optics, resonator adjustment time reduction, user-friendly machining monitoring support, online analysis with automatic documentation, reliable connection with data transfer to a database, and compliance with EN-ISO standards for beam profile analysis.

No, the CCD Beam Profiler UV Monitor K2 is specifically designed to measure beam diameters within the range of 10um to 100mm.

Various software options are suitable for analyzing beam spots and positions, as well as the characteristics of homogeneous laser beams, when used with the CCD Beam Profiler UV Monitor K2.

Accessories available for the CCD Beam Profiler UV Monitor K2 include a rail, 4.5m cable, PCI card, SW/driver CD, and optional accessories such as PCMCIA, Express card, trigger cable, attenuator for high power, ML8010 motor controller, and ML1630 Laser synchronization device.

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