Frequently Asked Questions

The Amonics Raman Amplifier is a high power pump laser source for distributed optical amplification of optical signals in the C or C+L band.

The Amonics Raman Amplifier features a wide range of wavelength selection, up to 10W output power, turnkey operation, maintenance-free, linear or random polarization, highly reliable and durable, and optional optical feedback protection and back reflection monitoring.

The Amonics Raman Amplifier is used in micro-machining, marking, scribing, fiber optic sensing, and laboratory settings.

The Amonics Raman Amplifier has an operating wavelength of 1400-1500nm, total pump power of 300mW-1200mW, and signal insertion loss of 0.7dB. It operates at a temperature range of 0 to +40°C and has a power supply of VAC 90-240 (47-63Hz).

The ordering information for the Amonics Raman Amplifier includes the product code, which specifies the pump wavelength, pump power, module type (M for module, B for benchtop, R for rackmount), and optical connector (FA for FC/APC, FC for FC/UPC, SA for SC/APC, SC for SC/UPC).

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