Frequently Asked Questions

The amplifier is designed to boost low power optical signals at kHz frequencies up to 100W output power while preserving the spectral properties of the input signal.

This amplifier is compatible with ultra-narrow linewidth single frequency laser sources, such as fiber lasers based on the principle of Distributed Feedback Bragg Grating (DFB) or Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR).

The features of the amplifier include high output power (up to 100W), low noise figure, turn-key and user-friendly system, polarization maintaining fiber structure with high PER, and high stability and reliability.

The amplifier can be used in scientific research, coherent beam combining, coherent detection, fiber sensing systems, and more. Key applications include coherent detection, coherent combining, atomic cooling and trapping, fiber sensing, and frequency doubling.

The amplifier has a high-speed response protection circuit that monitors the power of the input and output signals automatically. It can cut down the operation of the high power pump in case of the input signal fall-off to ensure the safety of the whole system.

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