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Frequently Asked Questions

Opticonx Micro Distribution Cables utilize 3.0 mm sub-units of twelve 250 micron color-coded buffered optical fibers, surrounded by dielectric strength members and jacket.

These cables are ideally suited for pre-connectorized MTP® trunk cables but can also be field terminated using Opticonx SPK series breakout kits.

These cables meet the requirements for National Electrical Code (NEC Article 770) and are OFNP and FT-6 listed for plenum, riser or general purpose applications and OFCP and FT-6 for Armored Micro Distribution Cables.

The maximum attenuation of Opticonx Micro Distribution Cables is 2.8/1.0 dB/km @ 850/1300nm.

The transmission distance of Opticonx Micro Distribution Cables varies depending on the type of transmission and the fiber performance specifications.

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