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Frequently Asked Questions

TECHSPEC TitanTL Telecentric Lenses are designed for machine vision systems and metrology applications that require a large field of view.

TECHSPEC TitanTL Telecentric Lenses feature large maximum sensor formats, a variety of working distance and magnification options, and a rear filter holder on the back of the lenses to allow for easy filter integration.

Yes, on the 118mm, 182mm, and 242mm FOV versions, the integrated mounting flange allows for ease of securing each lens without requiring an additional mount and provides an easy to locate reference plane.

TECHSPEC TitanTL Telecentric Lenses contain shims that provide adjustment for variation in camera sensor location, an adjustable iris, and a 3 set screw lens mount for simple rotational alignment to the camera.

Typical applications include automotive and electronic inspection, measurement, and gauging applications.

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