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Frequently Asked Questions

The Beam Expander PRE1.5X-266 is designed to expand the diameter of collimated beams.

The Beam Expander PRE1.5X-266 supports wavelengths ranging from 266 nm to 10600 nm.

Yes, the Beam Expander PRE1.5X-266 has high power handling capabilities, with power handling capabilities over 1kW (> 200W for beam expanders operating at 10.6 microns).

The Beam Expander PRE1.5X-266 has a fixed magnification of 1.5X, but a miniature 1.5X pre-expander (0.67X if attached in the reverse direction) can be added to most models to extend the range of magnification.

Yes, the Beam Expander PRE1.5X-266 is compatible with the MG001 Series of Alignment Gimbal Mounts.

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