Frequently Asked Questions

Achromatic doublet lenses are used for multi-color ("white light") imaging and good polychromatic illumination.

Achromatic doublet lenses are superior to simple lenses because they can correct for color separation and eliminate chromatic aberrations.

Achromatic doublet lenses are available with a single layer MgF2 coating or a broadband multi-layer coating for the visible spectrum. NIR achromatic doublets and edge blackened achromatic doublets are also available.

The achromatic doublet lenses have less than 1.75% reflectance per surface at the range of 400 - 700nm.

The achromatic doublet lenses are made of optical flint glass and crown glass, with a diameter ranging from 6mm to 200mm, focal length ranging from 50mm to 2000mm, and center thickness ranging from 2mm to 50mm. The surface quality, surface accuracy, clear aperture, and centration also vary based on customer's request.

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