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Frequently Asked Questions

A positive achromatic lens performs similar function as a PCX or DCX lens, but can provide smaller spot sizes and superior image quality.

Achromatic lenses are useful for reducing spherical and chromatic aberration.

The applications of this product include laser optics, vision, microscopy, spectroscopy, metrology, and OEM.

The general specifications of the product include diameter: +0.0/-0.1mm, center thickness: ±0.2mm, focal length: ±2%, surface quality: 60/40, power(P-V): 1.5 lambda @632.8nm, irregularity(P-V): lambda/4 @632.8nm, centration: 3 ~ 5 arc min, bevel: 0.2mm x 45°, and coating: single layer MgF2@550nm.

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