Frequently Asked Questions

Achromatic Lenses are used to minimize or eliminate chromatic aberration and spherical aberrations. They are ideal for applications such as fluorescence microscopy, image relay, inspection, or spectroscopy.

The Achromatic Lenses have a diameter range of 6mm to 200mm, focal length range of 50mm to 2000mm, and center thickness range of 2mm to 50mm. The surface quality options are 60/40, 40/20, and 20/10, and the surface accuracy is λ/2 to λ/10 at 632.8nm and 532nm. The clear aperture is greater than 85% of the diameter, and the centration is between 3 arc min and 30 arc sec.

The Achromatic Lenses are made of optical flint glass and crown glass.

Yes, the Achromatic Lenses can be coated as per the customer's request. Multiple AR coatings for UV, VIS, and IR are available.

You can find more information about the Achromatic Lenses on the website of Changchun BRD Optical Co., Ltd. The website link is You can also contact Rose Cao at for any further questions.

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