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Frequently Asked Questions

The LDC-400 is suitable for telecommunications, fiber laser, sensing, medical, aerospace and defense, and research applications.

The LDC-400 features programmable cleave tension, rotation angle, and scribe conditions, low-angle and flat cleaves critical for high performance splicing, a unique "sub-critical" cleave process optimal for cleaving PCF, precision controlled scribing process, repeatable, consistent, and accurate cleaves, remote controlled tension, velocity, oscillation, scribe delay, fiber holding blocks for accurate fiber positioning and clamping, and internal vacuum for ease of fiber loading and consistent fiber positioning.

The "sub-critical" cleave process is a unique cleaving technique that is optimal for cleaving photonic crystal fiber (PCF) and large diameter fibers.

The LDC-400 is a fully automated fiber cleaver that produces flat and angled cleaves on fibers ranging from 80 microns to 1.25 mm in diameter.

The LDC-400 can cleave circular fibers, polarization maintaining (PM) fibers, capillary tubes, non-circular fibers typically used in fiber laser systems, and photonic crystal fiber (PCF).

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