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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the NYFORS Angle Cleaving Unit cannot be used independently and needs a NYFORS large diameter fiber cleaver to be operated.

The NYFORS Angle Cleaving Unit allows for variable cleave angles from 0 to < 9 degrees (for fibers with cladding diameters of about 250 µm) and up to more than 15 degrees (for cladding diameters above 450-500 µm).

The NYFORS Angle Cleaving Unit is a rotary clamp that can be mounted on NYFORS AutoCleaver LDF as an add-on.

The patent-pending tension and scribe cleaving process used in NYFORS large diameter cleavers ensures consistent high-quality cleaving results with < 0.5 degree precision.

If you need further information about usage and installation of the NYFORS Angle Cleaving Unit, please contact NYFORS or your local distributor.

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