Frequently Asked Questions

The UniMir 14.0µm QCL operates in continuous-wave (CW) mode, providing a stable output power of 5mW.

This laser emits at a wavelength of 14.0µm (713 cm-1), specifically designed for hydrogen cyanide (HCN) detection.

The linewidth of the UniMir 14.0µm QCL is less than 100MHz, ensuring precise and accurate gas sensing capabilities.

Yes, the UniMir 14.0µm QCL offers a mode-hop-free tuning range of more than 1cm-1, enabling precise wavelength tuning without any mode hopping.

The UniMir 14.0µm QCL is ideal for gas sensing applications, particularly for the detection of hydrogen cyanide (HCN). It can be used in environmental monitoring, industrial process control, and gas analysis tasks.

Yes, the UniMir 14.0µm QCL is designed for integration into various systems, thanks to its compact design and integrated collimating lens. It can also serve as a standalone turnkey solution for research and development purposes.

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