Frequently Asked Questions

The typical output power of the Non-Pulsed TO9 laser diode is 1.80 watts, with a variance of ±10%.

This laser diode is commonly used in OEM medical devices, professional medical equipment, LiDAR systems, military/aerospace technologies, and illumination solutions.

Yes, the laser diode offers custom wavelength options within the range of 12xx to 19xx nm to suit specific application requirements.

The laser diode is known for its cost-effectiveness, high output power, high efficiency, high dynamic range, and standard low-cost TO9 packaging.

The laser diode operates within a temperature range of -40 to 60 °C, ensuring reliability in various environmental conditions.

The specifications assume a constant heat sink temperature of 20°C. Heat sinking options vary based on whether the TO9 package is capped or uncapped.

The electrical power conversion efficiency of the Non-Pulsed TO9 laser diode is rated at 13%.

Yes, the minimum threshold current required for operation is 0.5 A.

The laser diode is designed to operate within specified temperature limits, and exceeding these limits may reduce performance and mean time to failure (MTTF).

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