Frequently Asked Questions

The SMX15XX Laser Diode operates within the wavelength range of 12xx to 19xx nm.

The SMX15XX Laser Diode is suitable for various applications including OEM medical devices, professional medical equipment, LiDAR systems, military/aerospace applications, and illumination tasks.

The key features include high output power, high efficiency, high dynamic range, and a standard low-cost package.

Yes, the wavelength of the SMX15XX Laser Diode can be customized to meet specific optical and electrical requirements.

The laser diodes undergo rigorous testing to meet customer and market performance demands.

The SMX15XX Laser Diode operates within a temperature range of -40 to 60°C.

Users should adhere to safety guidelines provided by SemiNex Corporation and ensure proper handling to prevent accidents or injuries.

For additional details or to discuss specific requirements, please contact RPMC Lasers using the "Contact Supplier" button.

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