Frequently Asked Questions

The typical emission wavelength is 405nm, but it can range between 400nm to 410nm.

The maximum continuous wave (CW) optical power is 50mW.

Yes, LECC allows adjustments based on customer's application requirements, including optical power, focusing distance, spot size, and mechanism.

The module can be used in ranging, positioning, PM2.5 detection, and 3D printing, among other applications.

It's crucial to protect the module from surge current, electrostatic discharge (ESD), and to follow the provided soldering guidelines.

No, looking directly into the laser beam, even through lenses or optical fibers, can cause severe damage to the eyes. It's recommended to use safety goggles when observing laser beams.

The operating temperature range is between -10°C to 80°C.

You can contact LECC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. in Taiwan or SHANGHAI LECC OPTO CO., LTD. in China through the "Contact Supplier" or "Inquire Price" button on this page.

The module is equipped with a glass lens.

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