Frequently Asked Questions

SemiNex lasers offer wavelengths between 12xx and 19xx nm, with options for custom wavelengths to meet specific requirements.

SemiNex lasers are known for their cost-effectiveness, high output power, high dynamic range, high efficiency, and standard low-cost package.

These lasers find applications in various fields including OEM medical equipment, DPSS pump sources, LiDAR systems, and military/aerospace applications.

The C-106 model operates at a wavelength of 1480 nm (±20 nm) with an output power of 5.00 watts (±10%). It has a chip cavity length of 2500 μm, emitter width of 95 μm, and spectral width of 15 nm 3dB, among other specifications.

Yes, the fast axis divergence can be changed with a lens option, providing flexibility in beam characteristics.

The C-106 model has a power conversion efficiency of 21%, a threshold current of 0.45 A, and operates at an operating current of 14 A and operating voltage of 1.7 V.

SemiNex lasers can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to 60°C, with a storage temperature range of -40 to 80°C.

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