Frequently Asked Questions

The applications include Coherent Doppler LIDAR for Wind Sensing, Coherent Communication, Coherent Detection, BOTDR/BOTDA Sensing System, and other scientific research.

The features include C-Band, low noise (NF<4.0dB), pulse operation, low ASE, high stability, and high reliability.

It is used for effectively amplifying weak signals such as -50dBm and is suitable for pre-amplification of weak pulse signals, like the pulse signal generated by modulating a continuous seed laser.

The ordering information includes MFAS-ER-C-M-PA-PL for single-mode Ultra-low Noise High Gain Pulsed PreAmp EDFA and MFAP-ER-C-M-PA-PL for polarization maintaining Ultra-low Noise High Gain Pulsed PreAmp EDFA.

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