Frequently Asked Questions

The WhiteLase™ SC range of systems are high-power fiber lasers generating ultrafast broadband supercontinuum light.

The WhiteLase™ SC400 is a versatile supercontinuum laser with a spectral range from approximately 400nm for visible and near-infrared applications.

The highest available output power is greater than 8W.

The WhiteLase™ SC480 is an IR-optimized system with the highest spectral power density from 480nm to beyond 2400nm.

The key features include blue or UV enhanced spectrum on all systems, fixed or variable repetition rate, highest available output power to >8W, ultimate visible brightness (350-750nm), touchscreen control with intuitive operation, single spatial mode across the output spectrum, advanced triggering options, modular and upgradable design, high reliability and low cost of ownership, and a wide range of Plug-and-Play filter options.

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