Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the PearlLab Beam UV Research Tool is suitable for both lab and field use.

The accessories available for the PearlLab Beam UV Research Tool include a Stage and Stand, Intensity Sensor & Radiometer, Carrying Case, UVinaire Collimating Tube, PearlLab Beam Stand, Petri Dish, Radiometer, and XY Stage.

The PearlLab Beam UV Research Tool features a UVinaire: Replaceable UV LED lamp module with up to 3 selectable wavelengths, stabilized UV output through advanced cooling design, and optional Stage and Stand accessory allows for easy access to a Petri dish as well as simple and repeatable Petri Factor measurement. It also has an optional UV Intensity sensor and radiometer that allow measurement in the 250-400 nm range and provide data and trends.

The PearlLab Beam UV Research Tool has an operating temperature of 0-35o C [32-95o F], a lamp life of over 1,000 hours, and weighs approximately 1.6 kg [3.5 lbs]. It has an input power of 110-240 V AC and comes with a power supply model number. The wavelengths range from 255-365 nm and the irradiance ranges from 0.05-13 mW/cm2.

The PearlLab Beam UV Research Tool is used for pathogen reduction without the use of harmful chemicals or mercury-based UV lamps. It is also used for UV Dose (UV Fluence) response for liquids and surfaces, photopolymerization of materials, wavelength effect studies, and fluorescent slides.

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