Frequently Asked Questions

The PearlAqua Deca is suitable for a variety of applications including residential drinking water, rural areas, disaster relief, recreational vehicles, food industry, horticulture, aquariums and ponds, hospitals and clinics, schools and institutions, and spas and wellness centers.

The PearlAqua Deca is equipped with advanced features such as UV intensity monitoring, instant on/off for intermittent flows, no hot water shot after no flow conditions, and automatic shut off when there is no water flow. It also has a low cost of ownership and reduced energy consumption.

The PearlAqua Deca boasts a pathogen reduction rate of more than 99.99%.

The PearlAqua Deca is a state-of-the-art UV-C LED water disinfection system that ensures clean and safe water without the use of any chemicals or mercury.

The PearlAqua Deca is proudly made in AquiSense Technologies' ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing facility located in Kentucky, USA, showcasing full in-house optical, electrical, and mechanical design capabilities.

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