Handheld Forensic Alternate LED Light Source
Hangzhou Hengli Electronic Technology Co.
Main characteristics: Ø The wavelength can be switched and the irradiation angle can be adjusted by one hand, making it fast for searching. Ø Uniform light output. Ø Instant startup and wavelength switching. Ø Long working time. Ø Charging management is convenient. Ø Integrated design of white strong ...
  • Emission Spectral Range: 370 - 522 nm
  • Wavelengths: white light 6500K, green 522nm, blue 450nm, UV 370nm 
Data Sheet
Obtaining good measurement results requires good and stable lighting. With this in mind Admesy developed the Steropes LED light source, which is a stable, accurate light source controlled by a built-in colorimeter resulting in a very high stability of the light output. With the Steropes the user is certain to have a light output at ...
  • Emission Spectral Range: 380 - 780 nm
Data Sheet