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Frequently Asked Questions

The Canty LED fiber optic lighting system is designed to provide efficient, high output, cool light in a maintenance-free package.

The LED light is focused and transmitted into the fiber optic light pipe and guided through a sightglass or process connection, minimizing losses while maximizing tank or vessel lighting.

The features include nickel plated aluminum light enclosures, a flexible fiber optic light bundle for high intensity light output, low power consumption, and NEMA 4, IP66, explosion proof or flameproof options.

The advantages include a maintenance-free design with a 5+ year LED life, no bulbs to change, maximum illumination, and cool light output without product bake-on.

The Canty LED fiber optic lighting system offers sightglass mount with a universal mounting bracket, NPT mounting connection, and Tri-Clamp® sanitary vessel connection options.

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