Frequently Asked Questions

FlexiRay is a polycrystalline IR-Fiber Cable with a 400um core diameter that is used for flexible beam delivery of CO and CO2 laser radiation.

FlexiRay has a wide transmission range of 3 to 18um.

FlexiRay is a resilient PIR fiber cable with high transmittance from 4 μm up to 18μm, high flexibility and no toxicity, suitable for CO2-laser power delivery up to 50W, low attenuation at 10.6μm (0.1-0.5 dB/m), standard fiber diameters from 0.3 to 1.0mm, and no aging effect.

FlexiRay series cables have found applications in Spectroscopy Probes for Gases & Liquids, Flexible Radiometry, Flexible IR-imaging Systems, and Power delivery for CO & CO2-Lasers.

FlexiRay is capable of operating over the wide temperature range from 4 degree K to 420 degrees K.

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