Frequently Asked Questions

The OmniFluo900 series spectrofluorometer is used for fundamental research and routine laboratory applications in material science, photophysics, photochemistry, life science, and agricultural science.

The features of the OmniFluo900 series spectrofluorometer include modular construction, large spectral coverage from UV to MIR, triple grating monochromators, high illumination power with a Xenon light source, laser excitation at multiple wavelengths, fluorescence lifetime measurements, and intuitive software for steady-state and time-resolved measurements.

The optional extensions for the OmniFluo900 series spectrofluorometer include infrared test functions, quantum yield measurements, and polarization fluorescence.

The OmniFluo900 series spectrofluorometer is suitable for applications in materials science, reflection and absorption measurements, quantum yield measurements, fluorescence up conversion, testing OLED materials, carbon nanotubes, biology (chlorophyll and carotenoids), biomedical research and engineering, fluorescence-based diagnostics, and environment monitoring.

Spectrofluorometry is a laboratory technique that analyzes materials based on their characteristic fluorescence. It involves illuminating the compound of interest with light of a specific wavelength, which excites the atoms to higher energy states. The excited states quickly relax to the ground state while emitting energy in the form of characteristic fluorescence.

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