Frequently Asked Questions

This laser is adept at processing demanding materials, including transparent glasses and plastics. Its high peak power and fast pulses make it ideal for applications in photovoltaics, electronics manufacturing, and for both security and decorative marking.

Of course! The key features include an output power of 15W at 1064 nm, pulse energy up to 250 µJ, flexible repetition rates up to 80 MHz using the flex pulse technology, and excellent beam quality (TEM00 / M²<1.3).

The laser offers flexible control over the repetition rate and pulse energy thanks to its flex pulse technology. It also has an ultra-compact laser head design for easy system integration, along with proven long-term stability and reliability for industrial applications.

The flex pulse control feature allows for separate and continuous adjustments of the laser's repetition rate and pulse energy. This provides enhanced control over the laser's output, enabling a wide range of processing capabilities.

The system uses a laser diode with a pulse duration of 70 ps, offers an average power of 15W, and supports a repetition rate from single shot to 80 MHz, which is free-triggerable including burst mode.

The laser requires less than 30 minutes to warm up, ensuring quick readiness for operation.

What cooling requirements does the neoMOS 70ps Picosecond Laser have?

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