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Femtosecond laser pulses with spectral widths approaching one octave and beyond, require specialised optical components to avoid the accumulation of phase distortions that cannot be pre-compensated for. An all-dielectric ultrabroadband beamsplitters with constant splitting ratio and balanced dispersion in transmission and reflection. ...
  • Split Ratio: 50 %
  • Wavelength Range: 600 - 1500 nm
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Laser Quantum offers the timing stabilisation units TL-1000 and TL-1000-ASOPS as accessories to the gigajet series high-speed femtosecond oscillators and the taccor femtosecond laser. The TL-1000 can also be used for stabilisation of the gecco and venteon series of lasers. The TL-1000 allows the tight phase-lock of an oscillator ...
  • Rep Rate Range: 79.68 MHz - 1.004 GHz 
  • Timing Jitter: <60 fs 
  • Time Resolution In ASOPS: <60 fs 
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PLH3D-XT-Series engraving laser heads were created as a series of specialized laser heads for engraving with extremely high resolution and cutting thing materials with ultra-thin line. PLH3D-XT-Series engraving laser heads are build based on PLH3D-6W-Series engraving laser heads. All advantages of PLH3D-6W-Series are inherited by ...
  • Laser Diode Optical Power: 500 mW 
  • Focus Distance : 55.0 mm 
  • Laser Diode Wavelength : 405 nm 
  • Modulation Input 1 : 0 - 5V Analog/TTL/PWM 
  • Modulation Input 2 : 0 - 24V TTL/PWM 
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Sources of short-wavelength radiation, such as synchrotrons or free-electron lasers, have already enabled numerous applications and will facilitate more seminal studies. On the other hand, sources of coherent extreme ultraviolet to soft x-ray radiation via high-harmonic generation (HHG) of ultrashort-pulse lasers have gained ...
  • Photon Energy : 20 eV - 150 eV (300 eV upon request)  
  • Wavelength: 8.5 nm - 60 nm (4 nm upon request) 
  • XUV Photon Flux: up to 10^14 per second
  • XUV Average Power: up to 330 µW
  • Repetition Rate: up 10 MHz
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This mirror mount accepts rectangular optics/mirrors with a height up to either 20 or 25mm (depending on the chosen version). The design allows for a direct mounting into standard 1\" mirror mounts. The slim design with no side-frame is ideally suited to build up compressor beam lines using rectangular mirrors with multi-bounces.
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Thorlabs\' UMC05-15FS and UMC10-15FS chirped mirrors feature >99.5% absolute reflectance over the 650 - 1050 nm wavelength range. The coating is engineered such that each reflection compensates for the dispersion introduced by 1.5 mm of fused silica over the entire range. The 10° AOI allows these mirrors to perform similarly ...
  • Wavelength Range: 650 - 1050 nm
  • Group Delay Dispersion (GDD) Per Reflection @ 800nm: -54 fs^2
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The DCMP175 consists of a pair of rectangular optics with >99% average reflectance over the 700 - 1000 nm wavelength range. These mirrors are designed to integrate with multiphoton microscopy setups, which typically include long path lengths through highly dispersive glass. The 8° AOI allows these mirrors to perform similarly ...
  • Wavelength Range: 700 - 1000 nm
  • Group Delay Dispersion (GDD) Per Reflection @800nm: -175 fs^2
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Thorlabs Free-Space Optical Delay Lines (ODL) enable computer-controlled variation of the optical path length. Each system includes a DC servo stage, controller, and retroreflector optics with mounts. Each system also includes two drop-in irises with four mounting positions for alignment. Our UM10-AG Ultrafast-Enhanced Silver ...
  • Optical Delay (Maximum): 1466 - 4000 ps
  • Minimum Delay Shift: 0.67  fs
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Thorlabs Femtosecond Pulse Compressor (FSPC) helps correct for the pulse width broadening that occurs in all multiphoton microscopes. Pulse width broadening can lead to significantly decreased image contrast in two-photon microscopy. For the most up to date information, please visit 
  • Wavelength Range: 700 - 1050 nm
  • Maximum Dispersion Compensation @ 800 Nm: -12,500 fs^2
  • Transmission @ 800 Nm: >85 %
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The Thorlabs Chromatis dispersion measurement system allows for precise determination of group delay dispersion (GDD) introduced by reflective and transmissive optics. No isolation table is required, only a solid work bench. Standard measurement modes include normal incidence reflection, angled reflection, mirror pairs, and ...
  • Measurement Range (standard): 500 - 1100 nm
  • Measurement Range (optional): 1000 - 1650 nm
  • Group Delay Dispersion (GDD) Resolution: 5 fs^2
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Thorlabs\' High-Speed Optical Modulators use deformable mirror technology instead of Pockels cells or acousto-optic modulators to provide high-speed intensity modulation and beam attenuation. The all-reflective design incorporates gold-coated MEMS mirrors that are polarization independent and introduce minimal (<100 fs2) ...
  • Spectral Range: 700 - 1100 nm
  • Input Polarization: Any 
  • Rise/Fall Time: <2 us
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  The \"DCM11\" is a GVD mirror pair specially designed for OPCPA compression. This mirror type covers a wide wavelength range of 650-1050 nm while offering a large dispersion of -130 fs2 /pair at the centre wavelength of 800 nm. These mirrors are specially designed to recompress the output of the venteon OPCPA after passing ...
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The \"DCM7\" is a ultra-broadband (600nm-1200nm) dispersion compensating mirror pair used for the compensation of positive dispersion affecting femtosecond laser pulses. The unique pair design enables to achieve a reflectivity greater than 99.9% over the whole supported spectral bandwidth next to a defined negative dispersion. These ...
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The \"DCM9\" is a GVD mirror shifted to the \"blue\" now covering a wavelength range of 450nm-950nm. These mirrors are specially designed to be suitable for pulse compression of femtosecond pulses generated by amplification, filamentation, OPA/OPG and others. Featuring negative GVD of -60 fs² for the mirror pair @ 700nm and are ...
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For steering few-cycle pulse beams, usually protected silver mirrors are the first choice and widely used, since they deliver a broadband reflectivity without dispersion problems or angle dependence at a very competitive price. A protected silver mirror that is enhanced for femtosecond applications and tested for sub-5fs pulses. ...
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This fix mirror mount is designed to accept 1/2 inch (12.7mm) optics where no adjustment is required but an increased stability is. The dimensions of this mount are similar to standard 1/2\" adjustable mirror mounts and can be directly used to exchange those if the degree of adjustability is not required. Specifications: Mounts ...
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This pair of wedge mounting adapters is designed to accept up to 4mm thick glass wedges that provide fine control of the pulse compression set up in combination with the DCM mirror range. One of the adapters can be directly screwed onto M4 threaded pedestal posts whereas the other features a M2 grid to allow a direct mounting onto ...
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The glass wedges pair allows for dispersion compensation, fine tuning and optimal compression in combination with dispersion compensating mirrors such as the DCM range. Glass wedge pairs The dispersion characteristics of the DCM mirrors are specially designed to work together with specific glass materials, (DCM7:Calcium Floride / ...
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OFH has extensive expertise in 3D mapping, distance measurement,  and have worked on LIDAR, stereo imaging, time of flight,  computational photography, light coding, structured illumination, and many more methods. Our clients have sold millions of units and are global leaders in robotic vision.  
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Powered with standard sine wave generator with tunable parameters. Regulated current up to 80 mA and resonant frequency range 280 – 350 Hz.
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