Frequently Asked Questions

SESAM is a mode-locked ultrafast pulsed laser that represents a breakthrough in the development of mode-locked lasers. It uses InAs/GaSb superlattice technology to achieve high reflectivity and modulation depth in the mid-infrared region.

The SESAM laser has a wavelength range of 2800nm-5000nm, making it suitable for applications in the 3-5μm band.

The available model types for the SESAM laser are SAM-2800-40-680ps-c/e, SAM-3500-38-720ps-c/e, SAM-3500-38-7ps-c/e, and SAM-3500-38-1.4ps-c/e.

The main advantages of the SESAM laser are its high-stability mode-locking function in the mid-infrared range, higher damage threshold, perfect after-sales service, and competitive pricing.

The absorption recovery time of the SESAM laser varies depending on the model type, ranging from 680ps to 1.4ps.

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