Frequently Asked Questions

The Pulse Compressor and Peak-Field Booster enhances the peak electric field generated by an ultrafast optical source by utilizing nonlinear effects from an optical fiber.

The features include higher output peak field, easy installation and alignment, compact and lightweight platform, rugged and fiber-based design, tunable pulse-width compression, and tunable spectral bandwidth expansion.

The applications include THz generation and detection, optical microscopy, and nonlinear optics.

By fixing the device to the output of the source and making minor adjustments, the device can increase the peak electric field by a factor of more than two.

The performance specifications include a wavelength range of 1020-1050 nm, input peak power of 39.6-43.8 kW, output peak power of 95.4-105.5 kW, and a pulse-width compression factor greater than 3.

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