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Frequently Asked Questions

The Wild Manual Semi-Automatic Camera System is a camera system that is currently configured for Polaroid 4 x 5 photos, but can also be used for 35mm photography with appropriate accessories.

The camera system includes a focusing magnifier with framing reticle (Wild P/N 368051), a Polaroid camera back with Leitz 0.8X relay lens, and a 16" shutter release cable.

The camera system is in excellent condition.

The camera system has dimensions of 7.000 in (width) x 6.000 in (depth) x 11.000 in (height) and weighs 8 lb (4 kg).

Unless otherwise stated, all items will be fully tested and sold with a standard ninety-day warranty. Freight cost estimates are for dock to dock service only, and any additional services must be requested at the time of sale and will be billed accordingly. The buyer is responsible for inspecting packages for damage and noting any damage on the bill of lading.

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