Frequently Asked Questions

The MegaJOULE 200W SideFire Fiber is used for laser surgery, specifically soft tissue vaporization.

The MegaJOULE fiber comes in an individual fiberboard carton with a label and a sterile pouch. It has a total length of 3 meters and a working length of up to 44 centimeters. The fiber has a diameter of 0.660 millimeters for the core, 726 millimeters for the cladding, and 0.760 millimeters for the secondary cladding. The jacketing has a diameter of 1.2 millimeters and is made of Blue ETFE.

The output spot diameter of the MegaJOULE fiber is approximately 1.0 millimeters.

The MegaJOULE fiber is compatible with any laser that has a compatible fiber port and operates at a wavelength range of 500nm to 2200nm.

The MegaJOULE fiber has a typical surgical lifetime of over 600,000 joules.

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