Frequently Asked Questions

The XOP-1102-1105 series quartz fibers have a concentric cylindrical structure with a quartz core and a Fluorine-doped quartz cladding, coated with resin materials to enhance fiber strength.

The XOP-1102-1105 fibers can transmit light of wide wavelength ranges, specifically 200-1100nm and 400-2200nm.

The XOP-1102-1105 series offers 1-to-1 type, Y-type, 1-to-M type, and M-to-M type fibers.

Yes, YISIXT provides customization options for the XOP-1102-1105 fibers, including core diameter, core number, length, material, structure, and connector.

The XOP-1122 series immersion fiber probes are often used for online water quality testing and online biochemical testing.

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