Frequently Asked Questions

Photonchina's windows are used to isolate different physical environments while allowing light to pass.

The features of Photonchina's Wedge Windows include UV grade Fused Silica material, 30¯15 arc min wedge, >90% clear aperture, <10 arc seconds parallelism, 20-10 scratch and dig surface quality, λ/10 per 25mm @ 632.8nm wavefront distortion, and 45® ¯15® chamfer.

When selecting windows, you should consider materials, transmission, scattering, wavefront distortion, parallelism, and resistance to certain environments.

N-BK7 Optical Windows is an excellent optical glass material for most visible and near infrared applications. It provides great performance at a good value.

Photonchina offers a wide range of different materials and different degrees of precision windows. Special materials are available upon requirement.

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