Frequently Asked Questions

The BOATM Pulse Compressor is used to re-compress ultrashort laser pulses that have spread in time due to group-delay dispersion (GDD) when they propagate through materials.

The features of the BOATM Pulse Compressor include compensating for material dispersion over a broad range of wavelengths, easy operation and tuning, a small footprint, and accommodating a large range of bandwidths.

The BOATM Pulse Compressor is half the size of an equivalent two-prism compressor, making it more compact, convenient, non-distorting, and less expensive.

The BOATM Pulse Compressor is suitable for applications such as multiphoton microscopy, ultrafast spectroscopy, time-resolved imaging, nonlinear optics, and femtosecond laser applications.

Yes, the BOATM Pulse Compressor is versatile and can be used with either broadband or narrowband pulses.

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