Frequently Asked Questions

The Laser Autocollimator set includes video cable, AC adaptor, pin-hole (for φ1, 2mm), and instruction manual.

The H350 Series Laser Autocollimator is a compact, handy type model with 3 different measurement range options (C050:+/-0.5 deg, C100:+/-1.0 deg & C175:+/-1.75 deg) by built-in red LED (650nm). It has high performance and compact size (W40 x D50 x H80mm), pixel resolution: 8 sec (C050), 15 sec (C100), 27 sec (C175), switchable outgoing beam radius (φ1,2,6mm as standard, φ3,4mm as option), and is equipped with red LED.

The laser output is 1.0mW or less (Class 2).

The H350R-C100 model has a measurement range of +/-1.0 deg.

The Laser Autocollimator is a non-contact angle and tilt measurement device using a laser. It can be used for tilt measurement of lens, angle measurement of prism, tilt measurement of VCM actuator, glass parallelism measurement, and mirror angle measurement for digital single-lens reflex.

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