Frequently Asked Questions

The Electronic Autocollimator HR is used for the detection and measurement of small angular displacements, such as straightness measurement of linear stages, characterization of rotation stage, measurement of wedge, prism and polygon angles, measurement of reflecting surface parallelism, and alignment of optical setups including lasers.

The Electronic Autocollimator HR has high resolution measurement capability down to 0.01 arc sec or 0.05 µRad.

The features of the Electronic Autocollimator HR include real time measurement of angular displacement, automatic angle deviation display, relative measurements, multiple results display, low light - low reflection capability, reticule targets (single or multiple), data logging with detailed statistics, software controlled electronic shutter & gain, data exporting to another computer via RS232 or TCP/IP, video with playback, snapshot files, built-in pan & tilt adjustment, and built-in coarse aiming laser.

A complete system of the Electronic Autocollimator HR includes a collimator unit with USB2.0 CCD camera, software on CD disk, retro-reflector for infinity adjustment, and carrying case.

The hardware requirements for the Electronic Autocollimator HR include a Pentium, 2.4GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 512 MB 24 bit color graphic adapter, 1 free High Speed USB2.0 port, and Win XP/7/8 operating system.

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