Frequently Asked Questions

The Optical Beam Position and Measurement System SPOTANA9 is a complete solution for fast and extremely accurate beam positioning that measures both optical beam position and power.

The system offers high frequency optical beam positioning, with an update rate of up to 30 KHz (for the 9x9mm PSD) and up to 60 KHz (for the 4x4mm PSD).

The system measures both CW and pulsed beams, and the resolution is down to 1 um.

The main applications of the system include measuring laser displacement in real time, at a rate of up to 30 KHz bandwidth, measurement of fast steering mirrors, monitoring vibration and deflection at high bandwidth from long stand-offs, and closed loop applications.

Accessories available for the system include a variety of ND filters in housing (C-Mount) such as NG4, NG9, NG10, and an additional hood (55mm length) for ambient light suppression.

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