Frequently Asked Questions

The MicroMake 532 Plus is an integrated and compact laser micromachining unit for high precision and resolution laser micromachining applications.

Typical applications of this compact system include controlled ablation, micro-drilling, precision cutting, selective removal, and direct 3D microfabrication.

The key features of the MicroMake 532 Plus include ablation and cutting of programmable arbitrary shapes, live imaging of the processed samples, and suitability for a vast range of materials.

The MicroMake 532 Plus is available with options such as a high resolution version, circular polarization on the workpiece, high speed/high resolution USB camera, Z manual or motorized stage, XY manual or motorized stage, OEM version, and Table-Top version.

The MicroMake 532 Plus has a standard processing area of 1 mm, with an optional XYZ translation stage and down to 2 µm spot size.

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