Frequently Asked Questions

The MicroMake 532 system offers a standard processing area of 1 mm², allowing for precise and detailed laser microprocessing.

Yes, the MicroMake 532 system is suitable for a wide range of materials, including metals, ceramics, transparent substrates, and polymers, making it versatile for various applications.

Yes, the MicroMake 532 system includes live microscope imaging of the sample during all process phases, from alignment to immediate quality check, ensuring precise control and optimal results.

The MicroMake 532 system utilizes 532 nm ns and ps lasers, providing versatility and robust performance for laser microprocessing on different materials.

Yes, the MicroMake 532 system is compact and designed for OEM integration, offering single low-voltage electrical power requirements. Additionally, it can be customized with optional features to meet specific requirements.

Typical applications of the MicroMake 532 system include 3D direct microstructuring, precision surface texturing, track interruption on PCBs, microcoding for anti-counterfeiting, thin film removal on hard substrates, selective metal removal on ceramic substrates, microcorrection on wafers, masks, and displays, as well as microdrilling on metals and transparent dielectrics.

Yes, the MicroMake 532 system includes a Class 1 safety enclosure with an interlocked door, ensuring user safety during operation.

Yes, the MicroMake 532 system offers optional features such as different objective lenses, a high-speed/high-resolution USB camera, circular polarization on the workpiece, an external control box, table-top version with external mounts and manual stages, XY manual or motorized stage, Z manual or motorized stage, and an electrical connector for advanced I/O operations.

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