Frequently Asked Questions

MicroMake-532 is an integrated and compact laser micromachining system designed for high precision and resolution laser micromachining applications.

The typical applications of MicroMake-532 include controlled ablation, micro-drilling, precision cutting, selective removal, and direct 3D microfabrication. All these features suit perfectly a large variety of materials utilized in the fields of microelectronic circuits and displays fabrication and correction, biomedical devices machining, optical substrates micro-processing.

MicroMake-532 offers the following important features and capabilities: Ablation and cutting of programmable arbitrary shapes, live imaging of the processed samples, suitable for a vast range of materials, 1 mm standard processing area, optional XYZ translation stage, embedded illumination unit, 532/266 nm ns and ps lasers, down to 2 µm spot size.

The options available for MicroMake-532 include a high-resolution version (HR), circular polarization on the workpiece, high speed/high resolution USB camera, Z manual or motorized stage - 50 mm Z travel, XY manual or motorized stage - 150 mm XY travel, OEM version: single unit with integrated low-voltage PSU, and Table-Top version: external mount and stages with external AC PSU.

The overall mechanical dimensions of MicroMake-532 are 35x16x9 cm.

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