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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the coupling nut instantly converts to expose or conceal its male threaded end, to mate with another in-line plug or panel mounted receptacle.

For additional information, you can contact OCC - Dallas facility by toll-free number 877-509-1500, direct number +1-972-509-1500, or email info@occfiber.com. You can also talk to a knowledgeable OCC expert at 800-622-7711.

The hermaphroditic connector achieves genderless matability by incorporating "male/female" interface features into the same connector body.

Identical cable assemblies can be concatenated as many times as needed, to be limited only by the system's optical loss budget.

A hermaphroditic connector is a connector that enables "genderless" matability, without regard for male or female configuration of the mating end.

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