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Frequently Asked Questions

The price of the Mini UHV Ion Beam Source Model 750 includes source with single filament, power supply, feedthroughs, one mass flow controller, and cables for installation.

The maximum beam current available in the Model 1250 Ion Beam system is up to 15 amps (to a maximum of 1250W).

The Mini UHV Ion Beam Source Model 750 is a constant DC filtered Source which can be pumped into the 10^-10 Torr vacuum range capable of energies up to 225eV, with beam current of up to 1.5 amps in oxygen, nitrogen or argon (500W maximum).

The pulse-mode operation is used for ion-assistance of radiation-sensitive film materials such as many commonly used infrared and UV thin film materials eg MgF2 & LaF2.

The Telemark ion beam source line is capable of either mixed gas or pure oxygen operation, allowing for deposition of metal oxide films of the highest index and lowest stress.

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