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Frequently Asked Questions

Tecnottica Amici Prisms are a type of prism manufactured and distributed by Tecnottica, differentiated according to their geometric shapes and the applications for which they are designed.

Tecnottica Amici Prisms can be used in laser optics, spectrometry, and OEM applications.

Right prisms are dispersive optical elements constituted by a 90° angle and two 45° angles. These prisms are commonly used to deflect a beam entering into the first catheter and taking it out from the second one through a reflection over the hypotenuse.

Equilateral prisms are a particular kind of prism that have sides with the same dimensions and angles of 60°. They are generally known as dispersing prisms as they are used for the decomposition of multi-colored beams of light into its constituent parts, using the physical principle of chromatic dispersion.

Tecnottica produces and distributes all the currently known prismatic forms, including Dove prisms, Littrow prisms, Pentagonal prisms, Corner Cube, Beam Splitter Cube, and other shapes.

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